Adobe Campaign Message Center Solution For Walgreens

This case study breaks down the Adobe Campaign solution behind Walgreens’ US COVID vaccination notification system. It’s a big one!

The Project

Short, sharp, and time-sensitive: TAP supports Walgreens’ national COVID vaccine initiative

Eight months after launching their COVID-19 vaccination service, national healthcare company Walgreens had already administered 29 million shots.

That’s nearly 10% of the population in under a year, an impressive feat.

TAP CXM was proud to contribute our expertise to the Adobe Campaign Messaging Center solution that sent vaccine availability notifications to millions of Americans in thousands of locations.

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The Process

An integrated approach

The notification and booking system behind the Walgreens vaccination drive relied on time-sensitive messages going out on an enormous scale.

With Walgreens building the booking system, a third-party managing messaging, and TAP CXM managing the notification project alongside Adobe, we were up and running in just six weeks.

Adapting (and expanding) Adobe Campaign

The technical enabler behind Walgreens’ vaccination notification system is Message Center, an Adobe Campaign module for transactional communications.

At its peak, Message Center needed to handle over 1 million messages per hour without queuing or delays. It’s a lot to ask of any platform.

But between Adobe and TAP CXM, we successfully architected and implemented a stable, scalable infrastructure that delivered time-critical notifications about vaccine availability and booking.

The Result

TAP CXM as entrenched solution architects

TAP joined the Adobe team in a project management and solution architect capacity. In practice, this looked like:

  • Managing an ambitious 6-week Adobe Campaign solution
  • Proactively finding solutions to assist development teams
  • Contributing technical and business expertise
  • Monitoring resources across dependent projects
  • Building detailed project plans
  • Participating in twice-daily stand-ups

Meeting in the middle

TAP CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Haines, who led TAP’s involvement, likened the project to building the English Channel.

“We were tunnelling from two sides and had to make sure the systems talked to each other in the same language at the same time,” he said.

Designing, building, testing, accepting and launching a system of this size in six weeks was no mean feat. Collaboration was critical.

And it’s all worth it when our work played a small part in at least 29 million Americans having access to vaccines.

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