Unified Donor Experience for Cancer Research UK using Adobe Campaign

Cancer Research UK is celebrating 20 years in 2022. Their anniversary message could not be more apt: Together, we’ve come so far. And we will go much further.

The Project

  • Implementation – Target prospects and customers
  • Operate & Run – Target prospects and customers

More than 1 million people regularly donate to Cancer Research UK. An additional 425,000 people participate in fundraising events like Race For Life and Stand Up To Cancer.

TAP’s Senior Technical Consultant, Harry Tennant, works with Cancer Research UK to ensure the 30+ teams running over 100 life-changing campaigns have a reliable, powerful Adobe Campaign solution.

  • Enabling a clear, concise picture of each account
  • New preference centre giving supporters and visitors more control over their data
  • ETL processes integrate data from everywhere into Adobe Campaign
  • Improving data accuracy and access with data management solutions
Professional doctors in a meeting looking at an Xray scan

The Process

How far we’ve come

Our focus remains on providing a unified experience for supporters and participants. By merging information siloes and creating a fit-for-purpose data structure in Adobe Campaign, recipients now experience a cohesive journey.

Adobe Campaign Offer Management

Cancer Research UK uses the Offer Management module to serve relevant offers chosen from a rules-based catalogue. Offers are weighted and personalised, so regular supporters and event participants receive information they’re more likely to act on.

Tying technology to customer-facing solutions

Adobe Campaign is an integral tool the charity uses in its dedicated quest to beat cancer. So, naturally, we want to provide the best possible interface.

TAP’s technical expertise and user-focused approach give the teams a user-friendly interface that works with them.

Training the team

Harry’s embedded expertise helps Cancer Research UK to maximise the potential of their Adobe platform:

  • Prioritise development projects
  • Deliver segmented communications from a unified database
  • Keep an ear to the ground for Adobe Campaign platform enhancements

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