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Database Marketing Services

Database Marketing allows you to fine-tune your marketing efforts, using data to understand and target different groups of customers.

Database Marketing Services

You can mass-market to your customers, or you can individually market to your customers. The choice is yours, but the evidence shows that data-directed marketing is more effective, more efficient, and more profitable. And that’s where database marketing comes in.

Database marketing takes the data you have about current and prospective customers and transforms it from isolated facts into powerful intel. This, in turn, can be used to create precise customer segments that have similar interests and needs. By shifting from “getting our message to all customers” to “getting the right message to the right customers”, you can build stronger loyalty, deepen customer engagement, increase profits, and refine your strategic vision.

Best-in-Class Database Marketing Services

TAP CXM’s database marketing service takes over the technical details and provides you with distilled, practical insights from your data. Instead of focusing on process, you can apply your talents and skills to creating the desired outcome. 

  • Organise data sets

    Purchase history, demographics, website activity, loyalty programs, customer surveys – the list of data sources that companies have is long and complex. Instead of storing this data in various silos, let our database marketing service organize, store, and manage it. This gives you faster access to a more complete profile of your customer base and allows you to create precise, data-backed customer profiles and segments.

  • Gain better customer insights

    Customers aren’t just an account number and a mailing address. With fast access to all your data, you can build a richly detailed image of what different customers think, feel, care about, and need. This allows marketers to connect with customers as individuals, not as faceless groups.

  • Deliver personalised campaigns

    Move away from hit-and-miss mass marketing and into personalised campaigns. Armed with the insights extracted from your data, you can deliver targeted campaigns and create memorable, meaningful, and delightful experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

Database Marketing Services

TAP CXM Are Experts In Database Marketing

With our deep insight into the world of marketing technology, TAP CXM can help you leverage your data and integrate it into your existing ecosystem. We work with leading brands like Adobe and Tableau, and we’re here to help you take your marketing to the next level.

Our Database Marketing services will help you organize, streamline, and optimise your research process. Whether it’s working with your current databases or partnering with you to build an entirely new data storage infrastructure, we have the experience and skill to deliver. Contact us today to find out what TAP CXM can do for you.

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