Helping Hachette UK reach 150k new customers with Adobe Campaign

Comprehensive Adobe Campaign integration for the UK’s second-largest publisher

The Project

  • Implementation – Organising data
  • Consultancy - finding insights
  • Implementation - finding insights
  • Consultancy - targeting prospects and customers

When Hachette UK acquired Jessica Kingsley Publishers in 2018, they relied on siloed CRM and email systems with no marketing automation capabilities.

Nine months later, Jessica Kingsley Publishers was delivering automated, segmented marketing communications to 150,000 active users.

It’s a new chapter in the success story of Hachette UK, the second-largest British publishing group, and one TAP is proud to be writing with them.

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The process

Hachette UK at a glance

  • Integrating Hachette’s new acquisition into Adobe Campaign
  • Visualising customer insights with Tableau
  • Enabling Jessica Kingsley Publishers to use marketing automations for the first time
  • 4 core campaigns covering the customer lifecycle

TAP COO and Co-Founder Thomas Fordham involved the entire Jessica Kingsley Publishers team in a discovery deep-dive to kick off the integration project.

From there, we plotted a fast-paced story that would unfold over 9 months and feature a cast of 6 TAP experts led by Adobe Solutions Consultant Josh Hill.

It began with building a suitable model for all the necessary customer data.

Next, we consolidated CRM and email marketing functionality into Adobe Campaign, adhering to strict GDPR requirements for back-end access.

And finally, we delivered contact-level targeting solutions, built sophisticated workflows, and facilitated the first marketing automations (ever!) for Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

The results

Consolidating and cleaning

Migrating legacy data from separate CRM and email systems upgraded customer data quality, enabling the publisher to segment based on customer information and interests.

Diverse cast of characters

Facilitating a smooth integration required TAP’s collective expertise. So, in addition to the technical solution we set out to deliver, we pulled in team members to clean legacy data and manage the project’s intricacies.

Complex logic, streamlined solution

Every customer record contains 100+ interest choices. Looking at the sleek preference centre from the user’s perspective, you wouldn’t guess at the level of complexity and development behind it.

Adding value across the customer lifecycle

TAP’s involvement supported Jessica Kingsley Publishers to move from “batch and blast” to 4 triggered workflows. On top of regular newsletters, the team uses Adobe Campaign to welcome new customers, celebrate anniversaries, reward loyalty and re-engage dormant accounts.

Setting a new standard

TAP’s success integrating Jessica Kingsley Publishers into Hachette UK’s Adobe Campaign ecosystem laid out a blueprint for future acquisitions.

Watch this space; we’re writing a new story soon.

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