What is Marketo Engage?


Marketo Engage is a marketing automation platform designed to help organisations manage and measure lead and account-based engagement, improve marketing insight, and measure the ROI of marketing activities.

Marketo Engage enables practitioners to automate marketing across multiple digital channels, including email, web, SMS, search, and social. It’s features cover marketing automation, account-based marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising, website personalisation, content AI, and both marketing and sales insights.



Marketo in practice

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TAP played an integral role in evolving Petplan Partnerships’ marketing activity from time-consuming manual processes to an integrated Marketo solution. The solution saves time, reduces costs, and (crucially) increases the effectiveness of Petplan Partnership’s B2B communications.

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Marketo Experts


TAP CXM are Marketo experts

With such a comprehensive marketing automation suite, it can be challenging to know where to begin translating your customer engagement strategies into actionable programs. TAP CXM helps organisations build, manage and optimise our clients’ marketing automation with Marketo.

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Whether you’re introducing Marketo into your organisation for the first time, or you’ve inherited a Marketo instance and are looking to take your automation to the next level, TAP CXM provides best practices and strategies to maximise the return on your Marketo investment.

Our team of dedicated Marketo experts can help you focus on targeting key accounts, identify and nurture the best prospects for your organisation, implement programs that deliver the right messages to leads at all stages of your buying journey, and understand the impact of your activities on pipeline and revenue.

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