What is Braze?

Braze is a cloud-based customer engagement platform designed to streamline multi-channel marketing and encourage customer interaction.

Braze champions data-driven consumer communication that’s personalised, targeted, and can be adjusted in real time. It makes it easy for marketers to listen to and learn about their customers, understand behaviours, segment audiences, orchestrate and A/B test campaigns, delivering communications across email, SMS, in-app and in-browser messaging, mobile and web push notifications, and content cards.

What will Braze help you achieve?

By setting up and delivering tailored communications across multiple channels you can increase your effectiveness, engage with your consumers and enhance your interactions. While Braze was built to be mobile-friendly first, its ability to deliver consistent messaging and content across all channels means hyper-personalisation and exceptional, tailored customer experiences can be easily achieved by marketers without the support of a technical team.

Benefits of using Braze?

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