What is the Adobe Experience Platform ?

The Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) is a cloud-based management system built to unify marketing ecosystems. AEP helps businesses with real-time customer profiles, continuous intelligence and delivering state-of-the-art personalised experiences.


AEP founded in 2017, is the first purpose-built customer experience management platform serving as a suite of infrastructure to support Adobe’s marketing cloud. It’s Adobe’s venture into the world of customer data platforms, providing brands with the scientific ability to work on data directly without spending time and effort moving between systems.


AEP functions with 5 in-built tools:

Customer Journey Analytics – an analysis workspace which leverages real-time data at scale. It connects data together to visualise the customer journey in full context.

Data Science Workspace – gives data scientists full control over their modeling environment through the use of AI and machine learning to streamline data into insights.

Journey Optimizer – a CX tool built to support finding the next best interaction. It helps with speed, scale and flexibility throughout the customer journey.

Real-Time Customer Data Platform – an audience generating machine where data from various sources are consolidated to create customer profiles in real-time.

Intelligent Services – helps businesses overcome common AI challenges. It converts unstructured data into a common language.

What will the Adobe Experience platform help you achieve?

AEP is a first-rate kit purposefully designed to give your business an edge over competitors. It’s a mind-blowing tool for brands who struggle with handling massive explosions of data driven by rich customer experiences. Spend no more time managing and aggregating data as the platform can process tens of millions events per second. The consolidation of this data into single views of customers gives you a real-time multi-touch overview of their interactions with your company.

With AEP, you can create cutting-edge, synergetic experiences and deliver better personalised communications throughout the customer journey, and since data access is available in one centralised location on the Adobe Experience Platform, teams can view and make changes to campaigns with more agility and speed than ever before.


Benefits of using the Adobe Experience Platform

With AEP, you can benefit from:

  • Flexible, multi-source ability

    It can pull data from varying sources globally, from Adobe products, to Facebook and even off-line. The data is then translated into a standard language and data vocabulary. It eliminates silos, reduces latency and provides the scientific ability to work on data directly without spending effort moving between systems.



  • Adobe Sensei intelligence

    Maximize results with Adobe Sensei, a powerful AI tool that’s embedded into the Adobe Experience Platform. It gathers data and identify patterns, deepen insights or spot areas where attention is required. Adobe sensei is a weapon helping marketers gain a full-scale view of their customers, supporting the delivery of exceptional experiences.



  • Real-time customer profiles

    This is where the Adobe Experience Platform really outshines. Gone are the days of severe delays when building customer journeys. With AEP, data becomes actionable instantaneously, it can process millions of events per second. Access to real-time-profiles are key to providing a more personalised customer journey as intelligent decisioning can help capitalise on unique moments in time.

Adobe Experience Platform Experts

TAP CXM are Adobe Experience Platform Experts

As Adobe partners, we offer fully customised support with the full delivery of the Adobe Experience Platform and other features hosted on the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Planning for Customer-Driven Digital Transformation

From strategy and implementation to optimisation and training, we facilitate the most effective integration of the Adobe Experience Platform into any business.

Ultimately, our goal is to leave all of our clients with the most effective and tailored digital marketing solutions in place. We’ll ensure the support to deliver personalised and timely omnichannel experiences that charm your customers.


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