Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager is a data management platform (DMP) that collects and manages audience information and uses it to create profiles and segments based on interaction and activity. It enables companies to identify the most valuable segments of their audience and inform digital channels in real-time to increase advertising effectiveness.

Adobe Audience Manager

Audience Manager’s data collection and ownership can be divided into first, second and third-party data – each of which is collected or acquired in different ways.

First-party data is direct customer data, collected online from interactions and website visits or offline via CRM or other customer data collection tools.

Second-party data comes from strategic partners and advertisers, for example data shared between a credit card company and a co-brand partner such as an airline who share loyalty insight and purchase activity between themselves.

Third-party data comes from other sources, such as demographic or geographic data, or information purchased through aggregated data providers such as Experian.

Customer characteristics, called ‘signals’ are captured in detail, ranging from favourite colours to typical spending patterns. These data collections are then stored, segmented, and used to create audience profiles that can be sent to targeting platforms such as ad servers and social media via cookies, URLs or server-to-server destinations.

What will Adobe Audience Manager help you achieve?

The in-depth understanding acquired through using Adobe Audience Manager ensures that you are serving timely, relevant and targeted advertising content to the people most likely to engage with it.

Benefits of using Audience Manager?

With Audience Manager, you can benefit from:

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