Scalable Adobe Campaign solutions for a consumer goods giant

In experienced hands, Adobe Campaign is a powerful solution that integrates seamlessly into a complementary marketing stack. Global consumer goods and chemical company Henkel knows all about that.

The Project

  • Implementation – Organising data
  • Consultancy - finding insights
  • Implementation - finding insights
  • Consultancy - targeting prospects and customers

TAP worked with Adobe to migrate Henkel’s marketing stack to Adobe and enable them to get the most from their investment.

Global brands, local teams

Henkel’s brands are household names in different countries: Schwarzkopf hair care, Persil, Ask Team Clean, Men:ID men’s grooming products, Kaloon Mindful Care skincare and hundreds more.

Migrating a diverse house of brands to Adobe Campaign and a full Adobe marketing stack requires:

  • A scalable solution
  • Time
  • Collaboration
  • Technical expertise

The results

TAP CXM has been working closely with our Adobe partners since late 2020 to deliver the migration – and much more. And the results so far are impressive.

Doubling the database

Henkel’s database has grown from 93,000 to 250,000 engaged customers since migrating to Adobe Experience Cloud.

A household name everywhere

To date, in early 2022, we have onboarded 30+ users representing 9 brands in 11 countries from Europe to Oceania, Asia to the Americas.

Keeping us busy

Between user journeys, data integrations, coupon codes, bug fixes and new features, TAP has successfully fielded 369 requests.

Full-service Adobe Experience Cloud expertise

Migrating to Adobe Campaign always begins by understanding how the humans we work with use their legacy system(s), then creating a data model to match.

In this case, TAP and Adobe built a fit-for-purpose Adobe Campaign solution from scratch, delivering:

  • Smooth migration
  • Unprecedented data separation between brand teams
  • Simplified campaign creation
  • Significant time savings on every campaign

But the technical solution by itself wasn’t enough for Henkel’s globally respected brand house.

Business consulting

Together with Adobe, TAP’s business consulting insight helped Henkel look long-term and think like a “big-picture” brand house.

  • Integrate the full Adobe marketing stack, including Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Experience Platform
  • Ongoing strategic advice
  • Advanced segmentation using real-time triggers
  • A/B testing

Ultimately, Henkel’s trust in TAP’s expertise allows us to challenge the team to think beyond whether something was working to why and what’s possible.

We’re excited to be part of Henkel’s ongoing journey alongside our Adobe partners.


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