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Welcome to the TAP Academy. We equip businesses with the knowledge they need to unlock the true power of marketing technology, elevating their marketing efforts to newly found levels.

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Our training courses are:

Instructor-led by a TAP consultant

Private and intimate

Hands-on with technology

Can be conducted on-site or virtually

Tailored towards the specific needs of your business


Explore our Adobe Course Catalogue

Our course catalogue features a wide range of training options that are all based on the real-world challenges faced by our own clients.

  • An Introduction to Adobe Campaign

    Course duration: 2 days

    This is an introductory course which provides a general overview of the platform, including how to navigate through the user interface of the Client Console, and then dives into the commonly used features such as managing customer data, filtering using the query editor, building campaign workflows, and preparing and proofing email deliveries.


  • Building Web Applications

    Course duration: 1 day

    In this course, you will learn how to navigate the web application user interface in Adobe Campaign Classic and design, build and publish several web applications that solve a variety of common use cases, including a sign-up form, preference centre and a survey.

  • Advanced Data Management

    Course duration: 2 day

    This course covers topics relating to the import, export, processing, and storage of data in Adobe Campaign Classic. You will learn how to customise the Adobe Campaign data model, build technical workflows to move data between Adobe Campaign and other systems, and develop and test a custom API end-point to load data into Adobe Campaign in real-time.

  • Campaign Management & Workflows

    Course duration: 2 days

    This course covers many of the workflow activities that can be used to build advanced targeting, segmentation and exclusion criteria for marketing campaigns, including use of the Enrichment activity to enrich datasets. You’ll also learn how to configure many of the supporting components within Adobe Campaign, such as typology rules, personalisation blocks, seed addresses and lists.

  • Offer Management

    Course duration: 1 day

    This course introduces the Offer Management (Interaction) module within Campaign Classic. You’ll be given an overview of what the offer management module does and its advantages over standard methods of personalisation. You’ll also learn about many of the core components of the module including offer environments, spaces, categories and propositions.

  • Preparing for the Business Practitioner Exam

    Course duration: 1 day

    Demonstrate your level of proficiency in Adobe Campaign by becoming an Adobe Certified Expert. This is a comprehensive theory and practical course developed to help marketers and developers prepare for the latest version of Adobe’s Business Practitioner exam.

  • An Introduction to Adobe Analytics

    Course duration: 2 days

    This is an introductory course which provides a general overview of the platform, including how to navigate through the user interface and then focuses on commonly used features such as data collection, report creation, and data analysis. The course covers topics such as how to use different analysis tools, creating custom calculations and segments, and how to effectively visualise and share data insights.

  • Visitor Acquisition

    Course duration: 2 days

    This course covers the origin of website visitors and how to use visualisations to determine the effectiveness of online marketing tactics. You’ll learn how to track and analyse various marketing channels, including campaigns and dimensions that can provide deeper insights into visitor behavior. The course also explores different attribution models and how to choose the right one for each specific circumstance.

  • Visitor Activities

    Course duration: 2 days

    In this course you will learn how to identify website visitors based on location, technology, and device comparisons. The course covers visitor profiling using real-world examples and provides hands-on experience with profiling techniques. With this course you’ll have the ability to effectively identify website visitors and make informed data-driven decisions.

  • Visitor Retention

    Course duration: 2 days

    This courses focus is on analysing visitor return frequency, time spent on websites, customer loyalty, and more. You will use various visualisations to explore relevant use cases and learn about segmentation techniques. Upon completion you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively analyse visitor behavior and improve website retention.

  • Segmentation Analysis

    Course duration: 1 day

    The course covers the fundamental concepts of segmentation, including creating and using segments, analysing segmented data, and applying segmentation to business problems. You’ll have hands-on experience with segmentation analysis techniques and will learn how to use segmentation to gain deeper insights into website visitor behavior.

  • Metrics Analysis

    Course duration: 1 day

    This course provides an overview of metrics analysis and its advantages over standard methods. Learn how to create custom metrics and understand best practices for utilising pre-defined metrics to effectively analyse website data. Through hands-on training and real-life case studies, you will have the opportunity to design and apply metrics in complex scenarios to gain meaningful insights into website performance.

  • Exploring visualisations

    Course duration: 1 day

    Explore the power of visualisations in Adobe Analytics in this course. Discover various techniques for analysing website data through rich graphical representations and gain insights into visitor behavior, trends, and future projections of the visitor experience. This course empowers you to effectively use visualisations for website analysis and optimisation.

  • Introduction to Marketo Engage

    Course duration: 2 days

    This is an introductory hands-on course which provides a general overview of the platform, including how to navigate through the user interface and gain practical experience of Marketo’s main capabilities. You’ll dive into commonly used features such as entering people into the database, building email and engagement programs, and creating and managing marketing assets including landing pages and forms.

  • Marketo Engage Admin Training

    Course duration: 1 day

    The Marketo Admin is one of the most critical roles in any organisation using the platform. This course is aimed at new Marketo Admins and covers the main responsibilities for setting up and maintaining a healthy Marketo instance, including CRM sync and field mapping, other third-party integrations, identifying and fixing errors, setting up workspaces and user roles, email deliverability, and reporting.

  • Mastering Lead Management with Marketo

    Course duration: 2 days

    Maximise lead engagement through this course. Learn how to plan and execute lead acquisition, segmentation and scoring strategies, and design effective lead nurture programs to sustain engagement over time. In this course you’ll leave confident in enhancing customer experience through the use of Marketo Engage’s powerful features.

  • Event and Webinar Programs

    Course duration: 1 day

    Learn how to effectively plan, promote, and execute events and webinars that drive engagement and generate leads. The course will cover topics such as promotion across multiple channels, checking in  guests, registration forms, post-event follow-up and reporting.


  • Analytics and Reporting

    Course duration: 1 day

    This course provides an in-depth understanding of Marketo’s analytics capabilities, including which reports to use in different scenarios. Upon completion, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to effectively report on the impact of marketing initiatives on engagement, pipeline, and revenue.

  • Advanced Features of Marketo

    Course duration: 2 days

    Understand the art of the possible with Marketo Engage by learning about the platform’s additional features over this practical course. Drive your ABM strategy with Target Account Management, share Sales Insights, manage Web Personalisation and Dynamic Chat, and discover Revenue Explorer.

  • Preparing for the Marketo Certified Expert Exam

    Course duration: 1 day

    Demonstrate your level of proficiency by becoming a Marketo Engage Certified Expert. This theory and practical course helps you prepare to showcase your understanding of concepts and topics covered in the exam including email, event and engagement programs, targeting and personalisation, analytics, and lead scoring.


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"The training TAP provided was exceptional! It was packed with valuable information and useful functions, which helped me gain a better understanding of Adobe Campaign"

Monika Vakili, Partner Channel Analyst, Petplan

"The training was awesome! The pace was just right for us, and TAP explained everything so clearly. I learned a lot and would definitely recommend them for Marketo training"

Claudia Dymund, Wilmington PLC
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TAP CXM works with brands and agencies to deliver cross-channel, data-driven marketing and customer experience solutions. When you hire TAP, you don’t just need a digital marketing consultant – you need a partner who is an expert in Adobe Campaign and the Experience Cloud. On a day to day basis, we help our clients to accelerate projects that provide meaningful insight and memorable customer experiences.