What is Tableau?

Tableau is one of the leading data visualization and analysis tools for business intelligence allowing fast and accurate customised reporting for analytics and business intelligence applications.

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Founded in 2003, Tableau software has since been acquired by Salesforce and classified as a leader for analytics and BI by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, rivalling Power BI for automated data visualization and analysis. Described as a visual-based exploration experience, it encourages users to explore and interact with their data providing user-friendly, actionable insights.

Its capabilities span a range of business requirements and include Tableau Online – a cloud based version fully maintained by the Tableau group, with no storage limits for data published, Tableau Server – secured software installed within your own server environment that allows you to share insights across your organisation and allows more control of your Tableau experience, Tableau Desktop – a developer tool used to create reporting dashboards and build out the functionality before publishing, Tableau Prep – a time-saving, visual method to combine, shape and clean data ready for use with reporting, and Tableau Public – which allows you to share dashboards publicly.

What will Tableau help you achieve?

Tableau’s automated reporting is designed to give you quick and valuable insight to guide your decision-making and streamline processes. It allows for self-service reporting consumption and saves time for analysts who’ll spend less time building reports, instead focusing their efforts on fully customisable dashboards and defining actionable insight to share with stakeholders.

Benefits of using Tableau 

With Tableau, you can benefit from:

Tableau Experts

TAP CXM are Tableau experts

We’re keen to ensure a speedy implementation of Tableau, plus training for users and developers should you need it, so you can reap the benefits of insight more quickly.

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Well-versed in data capture and build reporting requirements, we’ll help you transform your static data into interactive, engaging dashboards. We can update and improve performance of pre-existing dashboards, help develop prototypes for future reporting, and provide ongoing support for dashboarding, server management, permissions and system configuration should you adopt Tableau Server.

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