What is the Adobe Experience Cloud?

The ever increasing speed of development in experience-focused technology has led to a rapid rise in customer expectations. Customers now want engaging and personalised experiences through every channel, and brands are having to do all they can to keep up.

The Adobe Experience Cloud exists to help brands meet this challenge.


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What can the Adobe Experience Cloud do?

The Adobe Experience Cloud, otherwise known as the AEC, has been designed to help brands optimise their marketing strategies, by equipping them with a comprehensive set of marketing tools that enable the delivery of exceptional customer experiences. Combining the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Analytics Cloud, and Adobe Advertising Cloud onto an extensible platform, the Adobe Experience Cloud is a first-rate digital marketing toolkit purposefully designed to give your business an edge over competitors.

A world-class platform designed with brands in mind, the AEC incorporates a unified suite of cloud services that complement each other across advertising, commerce, marketing and analytics. It gives marketers unprecedented access to the data, helping to provide them with unique insights into the modern customer.

Brands can now use AEC to create exceptional user experiences across every channel. It facilitates longer-lasting and more meaningful relationships with the customer base, helping brands to build trust and ramp up customer retention, while also attracting new customers and outsmarting their top competitors.

The Adobe Experience Cloud can even be integrated with other Adobe products, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud, further enhancing brands’ opportunities and helping to enhance business capabilities. Ready to get started? Get in touch with our team.

End-to-end management with the Adobe Marketing Cloud

The Adobe Marketing Cloud is an essential part of the Adobe Experience Cloud. This solution brings together a comprehensive set of data and marketing tools, including the Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Social, and Adobe Primetime.

With a product suite covering content management, testing, targeting, experience management, social and more, this platform aims to give forward-thinking market leaders unique insights into their customers, allowing them to optimise content, orchestrate campaigns and manage journeys across multiple channels.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is built to help brands understand their customers better. By effectively leveraging this data, marketers can create cleverly targeted campaigns that appeal to their customers’ specific interests.

  • Adobe Experience Manager

    The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an extensive content management platform hosted within the Adobe Experience Cloud. Created in 2010 to build websites, mobile apps, forms, and online communities, Adobe Experience Manager streamlines the creation and management of all content and digital assets across multiple channels with a user-friendly and fully responsive interface. The platform’s centralised environment means it’s easily scalable, and personalization capabilities are immediately improved with audience segmentation features.

  • Adobe Campaign

    Adobe Campaign  is an omni-channel marketing solution that enables the automation of campaigns across email, mobile and off-line channels. Adobe Campaign uses data to give a complete profile of customers, allowing personalised and relevant messaging across every touchpoint.

    This first-rate platform streamlines the delivery of highly-efficient campaigns, cutting out time-wasting and labour intensive processes. Adobe Campaign seamlessly integrates with other marketing tools within the Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver an exceptional customer experience, helping businesses become market leaders.

  • Adobe Target

    Adobe Target enables testing and targeting of marketing campaigns across multiple channels to improve user experiences. With the ability to run A/B and multivariate tests, marketers can personalise and optimise the customer journey in real-time. Tests can be conducted on websites, emails, banners, apps, and more to give brands valuable insights into what their customers really want, and what they can do to better meet their needs.

    At TAP CXM we offer tailored Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target solutions for our clients. We oversee the seamless integration of these platforms into your business, fully customising solutions to meet all your cross-channel marketing automation needs. We also ensure they work effectively alongside other marketing tools within the Adobe Experience Cloud – including Adobe Primetime, Adobe Social and Marketo. Get in touch to learn more.

Harness data-driven insights with the Adobe Analytics Cloud

The Adobe Analytics Cloud has been designed to empower businesses, helping them to leverage customer data to inform decisions and improve business performance.

The platform gives analysts an intelligent way to analyse the customer journey with advanced machine learning and automation. Detailed web analytics can be used to create better informed, more targeted strategies designed with customer insights in mind.

Adobe Analytics Cloud gives brands the data they need to really understand the impact of every customer touchpoint, meaning companies can channel their investments in a more strategic way, and improve the ROI of all campaigns over time.

Deeper customer insights can be found using the Adobe Analytics Cloud, which incorporates Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager.

  • Adobe Analytics

    Adobe Analytics is more than a data-driven web analytic toolkit. With Adobe Analytics, businesses can measure how audiences are interacting with their marketing campaigns – allowing audience data to be converted into valuable insights that can be used to improve customer experiences.

    With detailed audience segmentation across multiple channels in real-time, brands can leverage valuable information to boost customer engagement. These attributions can measure the impact of different marketing campaigns across multiple touchpoints and help to improve the whole customer journey, from acquisition through to conversion.

  • Adobe Audience Manager

    Adobe Audience Manager is a data management system (DMS) within the Experience Cloud that turns your user data into meaningful insights that will improve the performance of marketing campaigns. By combining data sources, Adobe Audience Manager allows for incredibly detailed audience segmentation, allowing you to target specific audiences across multiple channels. This unparalleled level of detail into your audiences preferences can enable true personalisation for your customers.

    At TAP CXM we offer Adobe Analytics solutions for our clients from the Adobe Analytics Cloud. We oversee the seamless integration of these platforms into your business, fully customising solutions to meet all your cross-channel marketing automation needs, whilst also ensuring they work effectively alongside other tools within the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Simplified, fully optimised advertising with the Adobe Advertising Cloud

A one-of-a-kind platform within the Adobe Experience Cloud, the Adobe Advertising Cloud is the industry’s first end-to-end solutions for managing advertising across TV and digital formats – from the delivery of video ads, to the implementation of paid search and display advertising across multiple channels. The platform allows for adverts to be managed and measured, enabling brands to optimise marketing efforts and create completely personalised ads for the audience.

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