What is Apteco FastStats?

FastStats by Apteco is a suite of first-rate data exploration tools that allow users access to powerful analysis and marketing insights.

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For over 30 years, Apteco has been creating market leading software that empowers users to put customer data at the heart of their marketing operations. The Apteco software suite includes FastStats, a powerful solution for data visualisation and exploration across multiple data sources, Orbit which provides powerful dashboarding and access to insights from any device and PeopleStage which enables automated and personalised marketing campaign delivery.

With FastStats, marketers are provided with a fast and convenient solution for data mining and analysis, alongside campaign management and reporting – all situated on an integrated platform with an intuitive interface.

What will FastStats help you achieve?

Apteco gives you the tools to understand your audience better with powerful data that will help you segment customers, select key audiences and predict your customer’s buying behaviour.

Use Apteco FastStats to build automated customer journeys for increased engagement. Build roadmaps triggered by customer behaviour and ultimately build long-term customer relationships.

Complete transparency for the company. Share your results with interactive dashboards to keep the whole team informed. Next level visibility across project leaders, stakeholders and implementers.

Benefits of using Apteco FastStats 

Apteco FastStats provides data-minded marketers with a state-of-the-art platform to turn customer data into actionable insights and personalised experiences.

With Apteco FastStats, you can benefit from:

Apteco FastStats Experts

TAP CXM are Apteco FastStats experts

As Apteco partners, we here at TAP CXM are dedicated to ensuring the best implementation of Apteco FastStats and all of its product suites. We can facilitate the seamless integration of Apteco FastStats into your business, fully tailoring our service to fit your specific requirements.

Thomas and Andrew Co-Founders of TAP London

Our team are experts in Apteco FastStats who will lead the full delivery of the platform, from consultancy through to implementation and running. We won’t just set up the software and leave – instead, our team will provide on-going support, advice and training, ensuring your business makes the most out of all the data-driven solutions provided by the platform. With our help, clients can explore and interact with their data in a unique way, giving them unprecedented insight into their customers and helping them to create tailored experiences over and over again.

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