Powering innovative customer communication for Energia Group

TAP CXM has been working with Energia Group for 5 years, maintaining and maturing their ambitious Adobe Campaign instance.

The Project

  • Implementation – Target prospects and customers
  • Operate & Run – Target prospects and customers

In the last 5 years, Energia Group has won no less than 5 marketing excellence awards amid a long list of accolades for sponsorships, responsible business and green energy.

We’re chuffed to be working with the energy provider to deliver the kind of insight-driven, customer-focused campaigns that keep them at the forefront of the industry.

TAP CXM has been working with Energia Group over those 5 years, maintaining and maturing their ambitious Adobe Campaign instance.

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The Process

Customer retention as a priority

Between Energia Group’s two consumer divisions, Energia and Power NI, more than 650,000 customers receive regular communication through Adobe Campaign.

How does an energy company keep the spark alive with so many individuals? By constantly looking for new ways to leverage the Adobe marketing platform’s potential.

Industry-leading Offer Management

Although Energia took out the “Best Dual Fuel Plan” award last year, the market is competitive.

Energia uses Adobe Campaign’s Offer Management module to encourage customers to renew their contract at the end. With a catalogue of enticing offers, automatically activated based on insights provided by Adobe Campaign, customer retention is our top priority.

Energia also uses an Adobe Campaign web app to work personally with direct debit customers who have fallen behind.

An innovative solution to secure customer data

TAP’s technical expertise is central to enabling seamless communication while safeguarding customer records. Achieving this within a single Adobe Campaign instance means not only separating access to the data but drawing a line between all marketing activities.

Saving time and energy

Our work paved the way for streamlined campaign execution at scale. That might be an internal application that automatically synchronises offers, or enabling complex Adobe Campaign enhancements to produce slick personalised messaging more efficiently.

We’re always looking for better results.

Powering ahead

Credit where it’s due: the Energia Group team are Adobe Campaign experts in their own right.

TAP’s work has recently focused on setting up Power NI in Adobe Campaign, so the division can enjoy the same benefits as their Energia colleagues.

And there’s a lot more in the pipeline. We look forward to working closely with Energia Group to deliver energised campaign solutions.

We've had a close and ever-evolving positive relationship with TAP CXM for a number of years now on the Adobe Campaign platform. They're extremely easy to work with on all projects we collaborate together on, and can adapt to tight deadlines with ease. It's widely known that if TAP CXM are working on anything for us, that it will be delivered to the highest standards.

Ciaran English, Senior Technical Analyst

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