Future-proof your next martech investment

6 Aug 2019

Why do so many marketing-related IT projects fail? And what can marketers do to avoid the risks but reap the rewards of a martech investment?

Digital investments are often costly, time intensive – and risky. Digital marketing systems, CRM roll-outs and big data projects’ failure rates exceed 50 per cent (KPMG 2016), while one in five businesses has launched an unsuccessful digital transformation project (Econocom 2019).

Watch this webcast, hosted by Econsultancy, to learn how you can follow best practice martech procurement processes by asking the right questions which will help you future-proof your investment.

You’ll learn:

  • How to keep a connected customer experience at the heart of your decision-making
  • How to ensure your current set up isn’t capable of meeting the new requirements
  • How to decide which vendor to use and which stakeholders to involve
  • How to roll it out – and then, crucially, measure it How to improve performance through a platform that will not need replacing for several years

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