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Adobe Email Marketing

Adobe Campaign‘s email marketing service combines the robust service of a multi-purpose platform with the efficiency of automation to help you create manageable, targeted, and effective email-based campaigns.

Adobe Email Marketing

Email has been around for a long time, and so has email marketing. But today’s customers have much higher expectations than they did 20 years ago: they want customized emails that appeal to them, not just to a large swath of the general population. Adobe’s email marketing service allows marketers to meet these expectations using data-based engagement strategies. Its labour-saving built-in features include custom templates, personalized content for a one-to-one experience, and powerful testing tools. Email automation – including triggered and automatic deliveries – make sending introductory and follow-up emails effortless.

What are the Benefits of Adobe Campaign Email Marketing Service

From dynamic content creation to email deliverability and beyond, Adobe Campaign uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to create a better experience – for you and for your recipients.

  • Simplify Email Template Creation

    Adobe email marketing lets you create appealing, responsive emails that look great on any screen, from desktop to mobile. The Email Designer tool allows marketers to fine-tune the look of any email without writing a word of code, but designers can also use HTML and Adobe Dreamweaver to get their user experience exactly right. Email preview and inbox rendering functions let teams ensure that each message displays as intended before it is sent.

  • Data-Led Email Engagement

    Adobe Campaign comes with a suite of AI-enabled tools that help you predict open rates, choose the best time to send your message, and craft the most appealing subject line. You can also filter out customers who, based on their previous history with your company, have a high likelihood of opting out of your email.

    Adobe also helps marketers develop personalized messages for each customer, even supporting multilingual emails. Using Adobe’s email marketing service, you can send emails that curate content based on the type of mail you’re sending. Business rules that you set determine what message reaches each person.


  • Seamlessly Test & Improve Deliverability

    Emails are only effective if your audience reads them. That’s why Adobe Campaign provides built-in A/B testing that lets marketers find the most effective subject lines, sender names, and content. Teams can set their own rules and benchmarks for what success looks like. Adobe’s deliverability monitoring and reporting tools help teams ensure that their campaigns are reaching the right inboxes – and not being marked as spam by mistaken Internet service providers.

  • Triggered & Automated Email Delivery

    It’s hard to remember to send emails for customers’ birthdays and company milestones. With automated emails, you can make sure that you never miss an important date, let alone a support ticket or a help request. Triggered emails allow you to tie automation to customer behaviour, so you can send custom emails that remind people to complete a purchase, finish reading an article, or keep customizing a special item.

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