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Understand your customers better, from point-of-sale to phone calls to emails. TAP CXM helps brands create 360° customer profiles with AEP and Customer Journey Analytics. Get in touch to improve customer experiences and boost conversions.

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Why Customer Journey Analytics?

Customer Journey Analytics tool (CJA) is the reporting and analytics solution that turns Adobe Experience Platform data into actionable insights. CJA makes it easier to track and measure complex omnichannel customer journeys. It works in real time and it’s powered by Adobe Sensei AI.

Our expertise

We collaborate with clients to design, implement and optimise CJA setups that make the Experience Platform data work for your team. Our broad experience and deep technical knowledge will help you engage with customers on a deeper level

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TAP CXM is here to help wirh:

Customer Journey Analytics design and implementation

Adobe Experience Platform consulting

Tailored Adobe platform training via TAP Academy

Ongoing support from Experience Platform specialists


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