Using Marketo Sales Insight For ABM

30 Nov 2022

A guide for sales teams looking to predict which accounts to pursue

Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) is one of the most powerful sales intelligence tools for identifying, nurturing, and closing high-potential accounts.

Although Adobe Marketo Engage is primarily a marketer’s tool, MSI is designed for sales teams. Specifically, it’s designed for sales and marketing alignment and data-driven account-based marketing (ABM) strategies.

Marketo Sales Insight promises to make life easier for the sales team. 

In this guide, we’ll look at whether Marketo Sales Insights lives up to that claim. Plus, we’ll share some CXM tips on how sales teams can use Sales Insight to prioritise opportunities.

What Marketo Sales Insight is (and what it isn’t)

MSI is a sales intelligence tool. It’s part of Adobe Marketo Engage, the marketing engagement platform that optimises cross-channel customer experiences and automates personalised communication.

Marketo Sales Insight uses marketing engagement activity to enrich sales CRM data and identify accounts with high conversion potential. 

It also connects in reverse. Salespeople can send personalised communications based on Marketo templates, creating continuity and cohesion throughout the customer journey.

MSI is not intended as a sales enablement tool per se. It hooks into your existing CRM.

Salespeople can work in their preferred workspace with a comprehensive overview of marketing engagement and sales history. 

Marketo Sales Insight offers a bunch of data that helps to:

  • Target high-potential accounts
  • Get customer-level behaviour insights
  • Predict a prospect’s next move
  • Sync marketing and sales activity across all touchpoints
  • Send personalised sales engagement messages

The tool doesn’t replace a salesperson’s intuition. Instead, it gives hard data and automated alerts that help salespeople engage prospects at the right time and convert more leads.

Marketo Sales Insight feature

Benefit for sellers

Real-time lead scoring and best-fit modelling Accounts are prioritised according to sales readiness 
Cross-channel prospect monitoring Broadens the view of accounts that could be ready to engage
Interesting moments Monitor lead and customer engagement to enrich the profile with behavioural insight
Best bets Marketo alerts account owners to high-scoring and urgent leads and sorts leads by priority 
Watch list Bookmark leads to keep an eye on interesting accounts in real-time
Engagement tracking See how, when and where your leads engaged, and react fast when they signal sales readiness
Email history Refer to content your account engaged with to direct the sales call or email
Anonymous web activity Shows which companies are viewing your content, even if they don’t convert


Marketo Sales Insight makes account-based marketing more sophisticated, targeted, and efficient. Integrating the tool with your CRM environment means you can monitor lead activity and engage at the right moment.

How Marketo Sales Insight supports ABM strategies

Align marketing engagement to sales goals

Adobe Marketo is arguably the best marketing automation platform for enterprise businesses. MSI bridges complex cross-channel automations (orchestrated in Marketo Engage) and your chosen CRM environment.

Data doesn’t get lost. On the contrary, marketing engagement data syncs to the CRM, enabling sales to respond faster and scale up ABM strategies without breaking a sweat.

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Identify engagement opportunities

Marketo Sales Insight monitors account and customer activity. It can alert salespeople when accounts they own are signalling sales readiness.

It also scores leads based on cross-channel engagement and prioritises accounts according to urgency and best fit.

Deeper audience insights

MSI gives salespeople complete visibility into where a prospect has been, how they’ve engaged, and what their next action might be.

You can drill down to the account and customer level to monitor individual prospects and launch targeted ABM activity.

Real-time and cross-channel

Marketo Engage is a cross-channel marketing engagement tool. It makes sense that MSI leverages cross-channel engagement data and updates the CRM in real-time. 

The big benefit here is broadening your view beyond the accounts you know. There could be other high-potential contacts or accounts engaging with your company. MSI brings them to your attention. 

Integrate marketing activity with sales CRM

Marketo Sales Insight breaks down data siloes between marketing and sales. Engagement data automatically syncs to your chosen CRM (yes, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics).

Plus, you can send engagement emails based on Marketo templates. Marketo Sales Insight even has an Outlook integration. 

Getting started with Sales Insight

Marketo Sales Insight is a powerful sales intelligence tool. To recap, connecting MSI to your CRM offers a long list of benefits, including:

  • Identify hot leads
  • Monitor cross-channel activity
  • Engage with target accounts in real-time
  • Break down data siloes
  • Better visibility into the lead lifecycle
  • Richer account and customer profiles

If you’re launching an ABM strategy or struggling to align marketing and sales activity, Marketo Sales Insight could be the tool that bridges the gap. Of course, it’s not a silver bullet – but it can provide a significant advantage.

Contact TAP CXM to speak with a Marketo Engage specialist. We can help you unpack your challenges and craft a solution to improve customer experiences and bring in more business.

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