TAP takes on Bristol!

Shannon Okeya
27 Sep 2022

As you may’ve gathered by now, we love a company outing here at TAP CXM. Our annual company away day increases motivation and collaboration, but most of all, we get to know each other better which ultimately helps us to get things done.

According to Forbes Magazine, “Team Building is the most important investment you can make for your people.

group of cheerful people beside the river

To end the summer, we organised a fun-filled tour to Bristol. Bristol is one of Britain’s most beautiful cities. It has a distinctive combination of beautiful historical architecture, waterfront views, and awe-inspiring landmarks. A welcome change of scenery from  our UK base in London.

Employees on a coach en route to Bristol

Upon arrival we had our group lunch at ZA ZA Bazaar. The restaurant is presented as a mock-up food market with worldwide inspirations. We munched on an all-you-can-eat buffet which combined Britain’s best-loved takeaways. It sure was a treat!

Employees enjoying a buffet lunch

After lunch we gathered the crew and went on a trip under the command of our boat ‘flower of Bristol’. We rode down the scenic river and toured some more before heading back to the hotel. We had a fantastic time and would wholeheartedly recommend the trip to anyone visiting Bristol.

Employees enjoying a boat tour around Bristol

Later that evening we got dressed up and went for dinner at Three Burger Brothers. The restaurant was a burger joint with a difference. Instead of a typical restaurant, these burgers were cooked up on a permanently moored ship.

3 adult men feasting on burgers in a fast food diner

You think the fun was over? Of course not. Dinner had finished but we were still on the go! We then went to a bar to let loose. The great music was accompanied by some cocktails and stunning dance moves, which thoroughly refreshed everyone. We witnessed some incredible performances that night!

Dim bar lights, people having fun

We believe in holding these group outings for many reasons. Firstly, it is a way of thanking everyone for their hard work, it encourages social well-being and strengthens  our company values We like to get things done, but we also want to have as much fun as possible on the way.

3 cheerful women outdoors

So, back to getting things done for now and we have some volunteering and social events to look forward to in October.