10 Questions to Ask before your next Martech Procurement

The questions you should ask to get the ROI you expect.

What you’ll find inside 

  • An update on the martech landscape
  • 10 questions to ask before procuring martech
  • Actionable insights from our experience
  • A checklist to determine your procurement readiness

Download our whitepaper – 10 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Martech Procurement

Marketing has an inconvenient truth

And it’s costing companies millions. 

CMOs are investing in martech but not getting the results they expect. In part, it’s because marketers use only a fraction of the tech stack’s potential.

Before investing in new martech, it pays to get your ducks in a row. That means revisiting the customer experience strategy, taking stock of resources, and seeking independent advice.

This whitepaper is a cheat sheet to making martech investments that pay off. Inside, we’ve shared experiences from our clients, plus insight gathered from years in CX consulting.

We’re customer experience people

TAP CXM is a leading CXM consultancy based in London and New York. We work with ambitious brands to build loyalty, personalise customer journeys, and scale in-house capabilities. 

Chat with a CX consultant who can help your brand deliver better customer experiences.


TAP CXM works with brands and agencies to deliver cross-channel, data-driven marketing and customer experience solutions. When you hire TAP, you don’t just need a digital marketing consultant – you need a partner who is an expert in Adobe Campaign and the Experience Cloud. On a day to day basis, we help our clients to accelerate projects that provide meaningful insight and memorable customer experiences.

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