TAP CXM worked with our US Adobe partners to deliver custom Adobe Campaign solutions and CXM consulting for music streaming pioneer Pandora.

The Project

~50M users. 100s of billions of database records. Uncountable push notifications – and one determined CXM consultant. This is how TAP CXM Senior Consultant Chantelle Casey, alongside our Adobe partners, helped a music streaming giant overhaul their Adobe Campaign Standard processes.

The challenge:

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The Challenge

When we joined the project, Pandora, a top music streaming service, faced major challenges with its push notification marketing pipeline.

  • Overlapping processes caused bottlenecks
  • Adobe Campaign workflows would crash several times a day
  • Manual issue identification meant crashes were slow to get resolved
  • Time-intensive reporting processes were the cherry on top

That wasn’t going to fly. Push notifications are Pandora’s main engagement channel for 50M active users, and push marketability reporting is a key campaign development mechanism.

The Solution

Like many of the CXM consulting projects we work on, resolving the discord required us to trace the source and bring process, data, technology and team structure into harmony.

There were two parts to this. First were the Adobe Campaign workflows and data management issues causing repeated clogs. Second were the manual processes preventing Pandora from accessing and acting on push marketability insights. 

  • Adobe Campaign expertise: Generating and analysing workflow heatmaps to diagnose bloat issues.
  • Error alerts: Developing a custom Slack integration that alerts the Adobe Campaign team when a workflow falls over.
  • Customer intelligence: CXM consulting to clarify key definitions like “opted in”, which are used in reporting.
  • Database management: Overhauling cleanup processes, validation rules and retention policies addressed data bloat.
  • Custom implementation: Building reporting dashboards to save time and surface insights automatically.

Chantelle kept up a steady tempo of work, joining Pandora’s team in the US for 10 hours per week over 18 months.

The Results

Alleviated data bloat

The “heatmap” provided a visual representation of when different Adobe Campaign Standard workflows were running. This enabled Chantelle and the team to re-engineer workflows, design custom processes and throttle data at key points throughout the day.

Significantly reduced crashes

Less data bloat meant fewer crashes. A lot fewer – from at least one per day to at most one per month. Considering the volume of data moving through Pandora’s Adobe Campaign pipeline, that’s impressive.

Automated reporting

Pandora relies on push marketability data to make campaign decisions. Previously, this meant someone manually compiled a report once a month. Now, it’s a fully automated process with insights available on demand through a custom-built dashboard. 

The custom Slack integration also alerts the team to Adobe Campaign issues. Although they occur less frequently now, they’re resolved faster.

Better data management

Improved data validation and cleanup processes underpin all this functionality. With millions of active users in the database, overhauling data policies means sleeker and more seamless customer intelligence.

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