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Supporting the UK’s leading business information network on a long-term analytics transformation

The Project

  • Implementation – Organising data
  • Implementation – Finding insight

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of data for Centaur Media, which operates more than 12 high-volume platforms attracting 1,000,000+ unique monthly visitors.

So we won’t.

Instead, we’ll introduce a dynamic, wide-ranging data analytics project that is already delivering transformational intelligence in its first months.


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The Process

A perfect storm of opportunities

A lot changed when the world went online in 2021. For Centaur Media, the shift highlighted several opportunities to overhaul web analytics and data processing capabilities:

  • Mature cookie consent
  • Review data collection and processing
  • Target higher conversions for revenue earners
  • Visualise large volumes of customer data
  • Leverage visitor insights
  • Provide greater returns for digital advertisers

There is one thing underpinning all these ambitious projects: web analytics and analysis.

TAP CXM – with a team of 4 led by Principal Consultant Darron Gregory – is excited to support Centaur in a comprehensive review, overhaul, implementation and scaling-up of data intelligence.

Phase 1: Cookie consent

TAP’s recognised expertise in Adobe Data Collection and Adobe Analytics, plus Centaur Media’s visionary approach to personalised marketing, enabled cookie collection on Centaur properties to mature from binary to personalised.

Improving cookie capabilities enables Centaur to better serve visitors, remain compliant, and upgrade tag management across all sites.

Phase 2: Reviewing data collection policies and processes

TAP is helping Centaur Media mature data collection processes on several fronts. Our shared vision is to create a methodology for measuring campaign performance, ultimately answering the most elusive question in digital marketing: what is the ROI?

  • Clarify visitor journeys
  • Identify CRO opportunities
  • Understand the sales funnel
  • Track and optimise campaign performance with campaign ID strings

We’re making improvements simultaneous with the cookie consent rollout using an agile, collaborative approach.

Phase 3: Data visualisation

Data analytics means understanding behaviour. Data visualisation is telling the story.

In early 2022, TAP is kicking off a data visualisation project for Econsultancy, Centaur’s hub for digital marketing information and training.

As we move from understanding visitor data to telling dynamic stories, our goals include:

  • Scaling-up insights from individual to corporate training programs
  • Better understanding who enrols and how they improve
  • Being able to interrogate results data at global and granular levels

The Result

Watch this space

TAP CXM and Centaur Media are at the start of our journey in 2022. As we move through the different projects, we’re excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Adobe Data Collection, Adobe Analytics and data visualisation.

"We have been incredibly impressed with TAP’s ability to capture the essence of our objectives and then both eloquently deliver solutions that match our requirements in full, whilst simultaneously understanding our level of systems/people/process maturity sufficiently to begin to help advising on frameworks and roadmaps for the future. Darron and the team have quickly become a reliable and very well trusted source of expertise, but more importantly than that, built confidence in senior stakeholders across the business that we can deliver on operational promises"

Ben Barrass, Group Head of Data, Centaur Media

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