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Adobe Campaign Propensity System (ACPS)

The TAP Adobe Campaign Propensity System (ACPS) is a marketing tool that can help to predict the likelihood of customer engagement. With the use of configurable models, our ACPS allows marketers to analyse past interactions of different demographics and understand who is more likely to engage with your marketing communications – ultimately ensuring the right content is being delivered to the right people.

Benefits of the Adobe Campaign Propensity System

Our ACPS has a number of benefits and features to help marketers optimise their campaign communications, including: 

  • Being Customisable For Your Needs

    The Adobe Campaign Propensity System allows users to choose between utilising standard or configurable models depending on their requirements. Within the models, filters can be used to separate data and gain a more specific prediction of customer behaviour. This way, users can ensure that only the most useful information is received and used to optimise campaigns more efficiently. 

  • Informing the Personalisation of Communications

    With our ACPS, marketers are afforded a greater overview of customer behaviour which means communications can be tailored more specifically. This ensures customers receive the most relevant content – maximising the chances of engagement. Additionally, it allows marketers to see the signs of unsubscription, indicating when to rest or suppress communications. 

  • Improving Alongside Adobe Campaign

    TAP CXM’s ACPS can be integrated into existing operations and is intended to improve and grow alongside your use of Adobe Campaign. Our Propensity System works best alongside a well-organised campaign with readily available data to help enrich what is already known; as your use of Adobe Campaign becomes more optimised, so too does the Adobe Campaign Propensity System. 

The Adobe Campaign Propensity System

The TAP Propensity Dashboard

An example from the TAP Propensity Dashboard – Acquisition Program

adobe campaign propensity system

An example from the TAP Propensity Dashboard – Click Rate Filtered

An example from the TAP Propensity Dashboard – Opt Out Rate

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