What is Adobe Audience Manager?

27 Aug 2020

In today’s increasingly digital world, data is of paramount importance. And that’s because data holds the key to really understanding customers. If a business understands its customers, it’ll know exactly what to do to attract their attention and keep them coming back time and time again. Detailed, data-driven insights enable businesses to do just that, by offering customers and new prospects a tailored experience that impresses at every interaction.

Understanding audiences is sometimes easier said than done, though, particularly if a business doesn’t have the required tools or expertise at hand. But that’s where software like Adobe Audience Manager comes in. If you’ve not yet heard about the platform, or you’re yet to try it out, read on and we’ll give you the lowdown on the smart data tools that it provides.

What is Adobe Audience Manager?

Adobe has been a huge name in the marketing world for many years now, and its Experience Cloud cemented its position as a go to software provider for digital marketing professionals. The Adobe Audience Manager is part of this experience suite, and it comes complete with a whole host of benefits that’ll be music to the ears of marketers all over the world.

The Adobe Audience Manager is a clever piece of tech designed to help businesses get to know their audiences a little (or in fact a lot!) better. It’s powered by data, but it also helps organisations get far more out of the data that they gather while using it.

One of the main advantages that Adobe Audience Manager offers is its ability to identify and segment information, something which can quickly translate into more effective online campaigns.

Valuable to Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals can use the audience manager to segment existing data, quickly compiling collections of data based on particular customer preferences. By segmenting information in this way, marketers can start to run better informed, tailored campaigns that speak directly to the customers they’ve been designed to attract.

Adobe Audience Manager enables marketing teams to evaluate data from a whole host of different sources in one place, which often means far more information is taken into account before campaigns are planned and run. Businesses get a fuller, more complete picture of their audience, and a much deeper understanding of both new and existing customers.

How could my business benefit from more detailed data-driven insights?

We all know that customer experience is hugely important, and with increasing numbers of businesses now going above and beyond to provide their customers with a seamless, hassle-free experience it’s vital that companies get this right. Great use of data of course goes hand in hand with this, because without data it’s incredibly difficult for organisations to highlight problems and fix any pain points their customers might be coming up against.

Making the best use of data isn’t just important in terms of customer experience, though. It’s also integral to the ongoing success of a whole host of different digital marketing strategies. Email marketing is just one sphere in which data makes a real difference, as we’ve seen through a number of published surveys and research papers on the subject.

Statistics shared by email giant Mailchimp found that “segmented email campaigns see 100.95% higher clickthrough rates than non-segmented email campaigns.” The same research also showed just how important it is for businesses to understand their mailing lists, and segment them accordingly. Mailchimp found that “campaigns segmented by user interest see 74.53% higher click rates as compared to non-segmented campaigns.” In terms of ROI, that could make a world of difference.

Powerful Data Management Tools

The data management tools provided by Adobe Audience Manager make it possible for companies to advertise in a far more efficient and effective way. By ensuring that campaigns are more targeted, marketers have the opportunity to maximise the ROI of their campaigns and cut down on waste. Businesses therefore achieve better results at lower costs, and catch the attention of the right customers, at the right time.

Personalisation is another area in which companies stand to benefit, and we don’t need to look far to hear huge success stories about what can happen when personalisation is used in audience interactions. Research published by  Experian found that emails with personalisation delivered 6x higher transaction rates, for example. And a  survey by eConsultancy found that the majority of marketers are now taking note of the benefits of personalisation, with 74% of respondents reporting that it increases engagement.

How does Adobe Audience Manager work with the Adobe Experience Cloud?

Adobe Audience Manager is part of its Experience Cloud, so as you might expect it works seamlessly with several of the other components in the suite. The platform can be set up to work with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign, for instance. This means that data collected via the Adobe Audience Manager can be put to use at the touch of a button.

Data streaming in through the Adobe Audience Manager can be analysed in huge amounts of detail using Adobe Analytics. It can then be fired straight to Adobe Campaign to be used in upcoming email marketing activations, and of course it can also be integrated with Adobe Target for customer-centric personalisation. Make full use of all of these options and the results will speak for themselves.


Adobe Audience Manager is a data management platform designed to improve the potential of marketing campaigns, by enabling marketers to provide a better, more tailored experience.

Customer experiences stand to improve dramatically once marketers start using the data tools available through this platform. Not only does it help teams to gather information, it also enables marketers to evaluate data, and segment information with ease. Segments can then be analysed further, giving teams a clear idea of the prospects that they need to nurture.

Data-driven insights provide a whole host of benefits to forward-thinking organisations. In many cases these insights are the secret weapon behind some hugely powerful campaigns. If you think your company could be making better use of the data you already have, then Adobe Audience Manager may well be just the thing you need. Contact our team  to find out more about how the platform works and what it could do for your campaigns.

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