Andrew Haines

CEO & Co-Founder

Andrew Haines is Co-Founder and CEO at TAP CXM. He is responsible for the company’s day to day operations, strategic direction, project delivery and consultancy.

Andrew began life as a software developer for a marketing technology company. Over time, it was clear that his skillset was adaptable to working with clients to solve complex solution orientated issues. Following a spell as IT Director for a similar company, he went on to set up marketing consultancy practices at two organisations, before joining forces with Thomas to launch TAP CXM, focused on changing the way a technology agency should deliver to its customers.

The results have been incredibly rewarding. Andrew is fiercely proud of TAP and his biggest weakness is also a core strength – the impatience in his strive for quality and not letting anyone down brings great results for clients, albeit not for his own sleep patterns. Seeing a successful outcome delight a client provides a level of satisfaction that’s hard to not shout about, so he does!

Going the extra mile is an overused cliché, maybe going the extra two miles would be more appropriate in Andrew’s case.

Although Andrew and Thomas constructively disagree on a lot of things, they both share the same passion for quality delivery, and as long as they always agree Andrew is right, then everyone goes home happy.