Customer experience maturity model for William Hill

William Hill is a high street icon. In 2019, TAP consulted to overhaul the brand’s customer engagement, focusing on industry-leading CX in a competitive market.

The Project

  • Consultancy

Transforming a high street betting shop into an online powerhouse

William Hill has been a household name in betting for over half a century, since the first London location appeared in the mid-1960s.

Fast forward to 2020: more than 1,400 William Hill retail stores were suddenly shuttered as the COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves across the retail sector.

At the same time, eCommerce was going through a customer-driven shift. Online brands (including William Hill’s biggest competitors) began focusing on customer experience (CX) more than ever.

William Hill was ubiquitous on UK high streets, but their online presence didn’t have the same prestige. Something needed to change.

The Process

TAP CXM enters the race

TAP CXM were called up to consult on a practical and pragmatic maturity model for William Hill.

In practice, that looked like:

  • Interviewing 12 internal teams
  • Conducting wide-ranging market research
  • Identifying shortcomings in a competitive market
  • Outlining the steps to transform William Hill into a CX leader
  • Mapping project owners, roles and responsibilities

One big question drove our work: is the operating model based on what’s best for the customer?

In reviewing William Hill’s operations and business practices, this customer-first approach yielded outcomes in four key areas.


Assessing the source, quality and relevance of customer data to create a unified customer vision.


Creating an operational model that orbits around the best possible customer experience.


Maturing William Hill’s internal processes and database marketing methods to become a genuinely customer-first organisation.


Marketing technology is both the foundation and enabler for a customer-focused maturity model.


The Result

The long game: Building a stockpile of CX transformation projects

Caesars Entertainment acquired William Hill in 2021, adding complexity to the CX overhaul.

But the value of consulting work remains in the package of bespoke customer experience projects developed for the client, with clear delivery roadmaps.

The resulting insights and actions continue to inform William Hill as they flourish under the Caesars umbrella.

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