The UK’s biggest optometrist uses Adobe Campaign to engage millions of customers with dozens of campaigns. Here’s how TAP CXM makes it possible.

The Project

Revolutionising Customer Journeys: Unleashing the Power of TAP CXM and Adobe Campaign for a Leading UK Optician

TAP CXM and Specsavers have been working together since July 2022. Senior Technical Consultant Harry Tennant contributes his expertise to optimise, streamline and build out the CRM team’s Adobe Campaign Classic implementation.

What we’ve achieved:

  • Custom-built 10 multichannel campaigns 
  • Built 12+ dynamic, omni-channel workflows from scratch
  • Cut record check sub-workflow processing time by 99%
  • Embedded Adobe Campaign expertise
  • Advised senior leaders on best practices
  • Provided Adobe Campaign training for delivery and development teams 
  • Delivered customer journey and CLV optimisations 

These projects focus on the 1.5 million contact lens customers in Specsavers’ database and span the customer lifecycle. 

In addition, Harry has optimised dozens of complex workflows that play crucial roles in programs engaging a broader swathe of Specsavers’ 20-million-strong database.

And there’s more to come as TAP and Specsavers look to the future together.

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The Process

The Project

Customer journey optimisations

TAP CXM developed 10 always-on journey-led omnichannel campaigns and 13 complex campaign delivery workflows to engage customers throughout the lifecycle. 

These optimisations are far from straightforward. They involve briefings with managers and executives, complex design considerations and custom development. 

Specsavers run 80+ engagement campaigns reaching 30M+ EU customers. Understanding, reviewing and optimising that much mission-critical data requires industry-leading technical knowledge and cross-sector experience.

Adobe Campaign consulting and expertise

As an experienced Adobe Campaign consultant, Harry’s experience spans industries and implementation styles. Specsavers’ analytics team, CRM managers and executives regularly seek his advice on:

  • Best practices in Adobe Campaign, email and SMS marketing
  • Designing new Adobe Campaign solutions and engagement programs
  • Sharing data between systems like PowerBI and Databricks 
  • Adobe Campaign bug fixes
  • Training and specific skill development

This collaboration takes place in daily stand-ups and regular discussions as part of our Adobe Campaign support agreement. 

Time-saving platform and processing improvements

As often happens with Adobe Campaign development projects, the process uncovers opportunities to streamline back-end performance

With 25M+ database contacts, lagging processes were causing frustrating delays. For example, a sub-workflow email verification process chewed up 15 minutes of processing time. Harry reduced that to 7 seconds. 

TAP CXM is focused on building capability in the campaign development team. As we strengthen our relationship with Specsavers, we also consult on new and planned activities.

Adobe Campaign training

Specsavers’ campaign development team is pretty capable when it comes to Adobe Campaign management. Still, they’re a small team with a big workload. 

Harry channelled his experience developing TAP Academy’s Adobe Campaign certification courses into focused training programs for the Specsavers colleagues.

The Result

TAP CXM and Specsavers: Looking ahead

Specsavers is focused on delivering great personalised communication. We’re in the early stages of some big-picture Adobe Campaign consulting conversations, and already things look exciting.

The ideas are broad and strategic, from A/B testing to martech stack optimisations. But they all come back to one prime directive: delivering exceptional customer experiences with Adobe Campaign.

Tap into TAP’s expertise to enhance your Adobe Campaign experience. We provide CXM consulting, Adobe Campaign training, database marketing support and platform implementation partnership.
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