Database marketing solutions for Shelter

TAP CXM works with Shelter to fight homelessness and bad housing. Our tools? Adobe Campaign, Microsoft Dynamics and database marketing intelligence.

The Project

Database marketing solutions helping a UK homeless charity open doors

Charities need more than money. Time and advocacy are invaluable for a charity like Shelter, who provides housing support for thousands of families throughout the UK.

So the work TAP CXM and Shelter are doing to implement Adobe Campaign Standard, and Microsoft Dynamics focuses on three fronts.

Ultimately, we aim to help Shelter double its supporter database and deepen supporter engagement with matured digital marketing solutions

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The Process

Data modelling to manage time, money and advocacy

For TAP CXM to implement a data model that supports all three value streams, we first needed to understand their business in detail.

What supporter data is valuable? Where does it come from? Money is easy to quantify; what about time and advocacy? Who within Shelter is working with the data, and how?

In the initial consultation phase, our team used these questions (and many more) to create a data model for Adobe Campaign Standard and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These were Shelter’s chosen marketing technologies

The Result

Better outcomes for all

Outcome 1: Recruit more supporters

Shelter now uses a more sophisticated approach to increase the flow of all three streams:

  • Adobe Campaign Standard used for campaigning, fundraising and events
  • Linking website campaigns to social media activity
  • CRM enabling an understanding of where and what a supporter is contributing to

The charity is on track to meet its goal of doubling supporters from 250,000 to 500,000.

Outcome 2: Deepen engagement

Shelter uses an integrated database marketing stack comprising Adobe Campaign Standard and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to see supporters with clearer eyes:

  • Generating reports to understand supporter motivation
  • Complete picture of the supporter journey beyond a single conversion point
  • Deliver targeted personalised messaging across SMS, email, social media and web content

COVID-19 accelerated the UK’s housing crisis. Because Shelter funnels 79% of its resources into on-ground support, the timing to mature the charity’s lean back-end systems in 2019 was crucial.

Outcome 3: Provide a seamless, accessible experience

On the technical side, our work integrated two leading database marketing platforms.

We also built capacity through training and technology, improving Shelter’s business intelligence without introducing complex process flows.

For supporters, that translates to a better user experience, deeper impact and more returns in terms of money, time and advocacy.

Looking to the future

We’re working with Shelter to get the most out of Adobe Campaign Standard.

Part of that work involves building the infrastructure and strategy to support innovative campaigns in the future.

As Shelter continues fighting for change, TAP CXM will be here to support its mission with marketing solutions, training and consulting.


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