Case Study: Tableau & An Operational Data Warehouse For Historic Charity

From group walks to path preservation and personalised communication, Ramblers relies on data. Here’s how TAP helped the charity’s digital transformation.

The Project

Helping a historic UK charity step into the modern age

For nearly 100 years, Ramblers have been on the march for unrestricted access to the UK countryside. And since 2018, TAP CXM has been working to give Ramblers unrestricted access to crucial data.

The key to enabling Ramblers’ digital transformation was designing an operational data warehouse that plays an active role in reporting, authentication and real-time data processing.

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The Process

Every journey starts with a single step

When we met Ramblers, they were just starting on a digital transformation journey that would:

  • Improve reporting using Tableau
  • Deliver a new app and website
  • Support personalised member communication
  • Overhaul the backend system

However, we quickly realised that achieving the strategic objectives with the proposed data warehouse solution wouldn’t be possible.

So, together with Ramblers, we took a different path.

Thanks to funding from People’s Postcode Lottery and Sports England, TAP CXM could revise the initial plan and truly transform Ramblers’ data capabilities.

Separate tracks present a logistical challenge

Our initial aim was to build a data warehouse that supported Ramblers’ reporting system and surfaced data to Tableau.

But the data warehouse needed to do more than connect the CRM, email automation tool, Tableau, website backend and app. It needed to actively move data between the systems in real time.

An operational data warehouse (ODW) enables:

  • Member authentication
  • User uploads
  • Democratisation of Ramblers’ data
  • Personalised communication
  • Recognising key user attributes
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance

It also accounts for overlapping records and allows the Ramblers team to track a member’s data as it evolves.

The steps we took

TAP CXM designed and built Ramblers’ data warehouse and delivered a solution that connects the charity’s business management platforms.

Using Talend as the ETL tool to manage data ingestion, the ODW provides real-time two-way data flows between all the interconnected systems.

From Tableau to member preference data and website content to enabling app features, the warehouse plays a pivotal role in moving, transforming and surfacing data where it’s needed.

The Result

Access for all

A Rambler in marketing uses Tableau to create a dynamic analytics dashboard. Their colleague in fundraising is personalising emails at the same time. Meanwhile, a member logs in to Don’t Lose Your Way and uploads information that helps to preserve the UK’s historic walking paths.

Our operational data warehouse solution democratises data access, enabling a better user experience and helping Ramblers retain and attract members.

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