B2B Marketo solution for Petplan Partnerships, part of Allianz

TAP played an integral role in evolving Petplan Partnerships’ marketing activity from time-consuming manual processes to an integrated Marketo solution. The solution saves time, reduces costs, and (crucially) increases the effectiveness of Petplan Partnership’s B2B communications. As a result, more breeders, vets and charities campaign for Petplan as their insurer of choice.

The Project

  • Implementation
  • Operate & Run

Petplan Partnerships at a glance

  • Implementing a new email marketing platform, Marketo
  • 5 highly automated marketing journeys
  • KPI improvements linked to business growth

Petplan Partnerships, an Allianz brand, leverages relationships with influential partners to reach pet owners at relevant points in the pet-owning lifecycle.

Strong partnerships enable business growth. So when Petplan Partnerships realised their legacy email marketing system was falling short, they sought out TAP, the UK’s leading database marketing consultants.

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The Process

TAP identified, designed and implemented a Marketo solution, then undertook extensive training with the Petplan Partnerships team.

Marketo is an accessible and robust email marketing platform. It delivers a host of process improvements and additional functionality to achieve KPI growth across Petplan Partnerships’ diverse portfolio.

It also hosts the various forms and landing pages the team uses to collect, register and track their partners’ credentials.

The Results

Put simply, Marketo delivers real value for Petplan Partnerships.

5 dedicated campaign journeys

Petplan Partnerships utilise Marketo to automate marketing activities in 5 core journeys:

  1. Breeder Monitoring
  2. Ad-Hoc Communications
  3. Breeder Registration
  4. Breeder Onboarding Litter Data
  5. Regulatory Training & Exceptions

Each journey has independent KPIs and requirements. But 1 thing remains consistent across all 5: after implementing Marketo, engagement rates and results improved, manual work was reduced, and Petplan Partnerships’ B2B2C marketing matured significantly.

Integrating marketing automation with Salesforce

Marketo integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, the team’s CRM of choice, enabling success in complex insight-driven marketing journeys. As part of the package, the Marketo Sales Insight plugin allows Salesforce to make informed journey decisions.

Demonstrating value

The results so far evidence what’s possible with a sophisticated marketing automation solution:

  • Over 20% of targeted breeders took action to update their licences
  • 54 email journeys based on 22 emails from 1 dynamic template
  • £10,000 saved just by removing an additional email service
  • 77% of records updated through automated licence checks

Beyond campaign metrics, our solution needed to deliver performance reporting linked to business results. Every marketer knows how challenging this can be.

"It was great working with James. He made everything so easy and Marketo got delivered perfectly! We are so happy with his work and the TAP team in general.”

Federika Petersen, Partner Channel Senior Marketing Executive, Petplan

"The training was really good. I felt that there was loads of information and functions but I feel that I have a good understanding of the platform."

Monika Vakili, Partner Channel Analyst, Petplan

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