A Case Study Of Collaboration (And Marketo)

When Miro outgrew their martech stack, they chose Marketo and Salesforce as the solution. Here’s how TAP CXM delivered an ambitious Marketo project.

The Project

The story of how collaboration (and Marketo) solved a complex challenge for a fast-growing tech darling

Online collaboration tool Miro saw its user base grow from ~5M to 35M+ users in under three years.

This explosive growth meant Miro’s existing marketing technology stack, which included HubSpot, could no longer support their needs.

After a detailed discovery process, combining Marketo and Salesforce emerged as the answer. That’s where we come in.

Between March and June 2022, TAP CXM was part of the team delivering an ambitious Marketo implementation that enables Miro to deal with sales enquiries more efficiently and deliver marketing automation at scale.

The Process

Data handling

Miro’s old martech stack capped the number of contacts they could sync, limiting customer visibility.

With 35M+ users (including some of the world’s biggest brands), Miro’s team needs unfettered access to their own database. As the industry leader for growth and enterprise marketing, Marketo was the expedient choice.

Joining forces with Salesforce

Combining Marketo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud with a robust CDP acting as a central hub facilitates better data ingestion, segmentation and journey analytics.

Data is more available, available faster, and is shared across other critical systems instantly.

Smarter segmentation

One of Marketo’s strengths as a marketing automation platform is dynamic segmentation.

Marketo can automatically receive segmentation data from Miro’s CDP and use it to deliver personalisation at scale.

Response rate

Marketo enables Miro to respond faster and provide personalised marketing communications at scale.

From inbound form handling to customer preference updates and personalised marketing automations, Marketo (together with Salesforce) spans a significant part of Miro’s marketing operations.

The Result

Between kicking off in March and going live in June, we:

  • Helped redesign Miro’s system architecture
  • Implemented a bespoke Marketo solution to handle large data volumes
  • Streamlines the Lead, Contact and Account handling process with a Marketo-Salesforce integration
  • Synced 10m+ contacts 1:1 between Marketo and Salesforce
  • Migrated 267 email assets and 90 workflows (Programs and Smart Campaigns in Marketo)
  • Designed a bespoke consent management solution
  • Integrated several business-critical functions and tools

A project this large and complex typically takes six months or more. We got it done in three.

Delivering on time and within budget wouldn’t have been possible without close collaboration from TAP CXM, Adobe and Miro, with teams based in Europe and the USA.

Multi-level collaboration

Adobe hand-picked TAP CXM to deliver Miro’s migration project based on our Marketo expertise and track record.

Four TAP consultants, led by James Gent, worked on implementing one of the more complex Marketo projects we’ve seen. Miro’s tech-savvy team got hands-on with integration and build work, keeping the project running smoothly.


Between marketing automation, customer data visibility, system stability and scalable potential, the benefits will support Miro’s growth for the next 35M users and beyond. See what else TAP CXM’s consultants have achieved in collaboration with our clients.

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