Serving up Adobe Campaign expertise for McDonald’s

On today’s menu: Adobe Campaign expertise and business consulting. When McDonald’s identified pernicious blockages in their data processing pipeline, TAP CXM helped clear the way to a streamlined, stable customer experience.

The Project

  • Implementation – Organising data, finding inisght
  • Operate & Run – Organising data, finding insight

Our Adobe Campaign expertise was integral in developing the processes and documentation that enables McDonald’s to deliver 200+ campaigns and tasty morsels of messaging to millions of satisfied customers.

Serving millions of customers

McDonald’s uses Adobe Campaign to summarise transaction data and deliver personalised messaging via email and through the My McDonald’s app.

Every bite (and byte) of data informs the way McDonald’s structures personalised offers, rewards, reminders, and surprise-and-delight moments.

But when bottlenecks from millions of transactions clogged the system, automations would regularly stall. Emails didn’t send. App notifications stayed quiet.

Moreover, rectifying the outages each time required a prohibitive amount of work.

The Process

First course: The technical fix

TAP CXM, as part of the Adobe team working with McDonald’s, designed and implemented a technical fix to clear the pipeline into Adobe Campaign.

TAP CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Haines lead from the TAP side. The innovative solution, developed in a 6-week sprint, replaced the overflowing pipeline with a continuous loop that simultaneously clears the queue and processes data in batches.

How the looping solution benefits the client:

  • Continuous data processing in Adobe Campaign
  • Scalable solution to prevent future clogging
  • Downtime and error alerts for internal teams
  • Documents, demos and training guides

In turn, the pipeline fixes made email and app communication more reliable, allowing McDonald’s to deepen engagement with their loyal customers.

Second course: Run books

Andrew and the TAP team then transitioned into a business consulting role to support McDonald’s transition to an online loyalty program.

To cater for a diverse global audience, McDonald’s serves region-specific promotional and reward campaigns.

Throughout 2021, Andrew and TAP’s Adobe counterparts tested and documented over 200 unique journeys in 6 countries.

The resulting runbooks support the global CRM teams to unearth behaviour insights and deliver value-adding campaigns through Adobe Campaign.

How the runbooks benefit the client:

  • Customer experience improvements
  • Seamless business continuity
  • 200+ campaigns clearly documented

The Results

The last bite: Proactive fixes from positive collaboration

TAP CXM, led by CEO Andrew Haines, supported Adobe to deliver valuable solutions for a global client.

We worked closely with diverse teams to solve the data bottleneck problem proactively. That solution is still running smoothly for McDonald’s, and the teams have clearly defined runbooks to manage hundreds of campaigns via app and email channels.

That means millions of positive experiences for customers around the world.

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