Bespoke Adobe Campaign Solution That Paid Off

Adobe Campaign enables InComm Payments to retain customers and launch new products. Here’s how TAP CXM’s expertise helped bring that about.

The Project

Bespoke Adobe Campaign solutions with a big payoff

InComm Payments partners with some of America’s biggest brands to offer innovative payment solutions, gift cards, and user-friendly financial products.

Adobe Campaign Standard is the engine powering customer communication for many of these partnered offerings. Of course, there’s an inherent need for airtight customer data handling with financial products.

So, when Adobe called TAP to consult on a tricky Adobe Campaign Standard instance for a new debit card product in 2021, we knew it was the start of a dynamic and exciting relationship.

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The Process

Streamlining communication

As part of our “Adobe Campaign expert” role, we like to make our clients’ lives a little easier. In InComm’s case, that was creating a drag-and-drop content management system to build and edit emails.

Now the team doesn’t need to wait days while an external developer fiddles with code.

And the benefits go beyond time saved. By building user-friendly templates and removing technical barriers, we’re giving InComm the toolkit to create consistent, customer-focused communication in-house.

Adapting fast

Financial services is a dynamic industry. Working with Adobe and InComm requires a proactive and agile attitude, ensuring we act fast, solve problems collaboratively, and focus on delivering the best customer experience.

That’s par for the course at TAP.

We structure our teams to reduce admin and account management, preferring to maintain direct relationships with clients and partners.


The Result

First impressions count

TAP CXM’s expertise enabled us to design and implement a fit-for-purpose solution that:

  • Tailors content based on behaviour
  • Protects customer data
  • Delivers carefully timed communication
  • Automates database analysis to find new, existing and exited customers
  • Adapts by device or operating system

It all adds up to a better customer experience. Open rates for InComm’s welcome journeys and loyalty communications regularly exceed 30%, well above the industry standard of 24%.

Building a growth platform

What started as an Adobe Campaign Standard solution has developed into a long-term collaborative relationship with InComm and Adobe.

Whether it’s an Adobe Experience Manager integration to handle product trial registrations, or Adobe Campaign support and training for new debit card products, we’re proud to contribute our expertise.

And we’re excited to see where the partnership leads next.

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