How Adobe Campaign Gave A Global Car Maker More Power

Since 2020 and continuing today, TAP CXM is part of a team delivering database marketing solutions that put North America’s largest car manufacturer in the driver’s seat.

The Project

  • Consultancy
  • Implementation

How TAP’s expertise contributes to database marketing excellence for a global car manufacturer.

Our team is working with Adobe and the client to:

  • Replace outdated legacy systems with Adobe Campaign
  • Improve database management without involving third parties
  • Upgrade targeting, segmentation and personalisation capabilities
  • De-risk the 300 million emails sent annually

COO and Co-Founder Thomas Fordham provides business consulting expertise, joined by co-pilot Adobe Solutions Director Dirk Wybe de Jong as technical lead.

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The Process

First gear: Modifying Adobe Campaign in the TAP CXM garage

The client used distinct systems for data collection, processing, segmentation and targeting. The siloed setup limited their capabilities, but rolling out a brand-new system presented too many operational risks.

Our first challenge was designing a consolidated Adobe Campaign solution that ensured continuity and gave the client control of their database marketing capabilities.

The modified Adobe Campaign instance we designed with Adobe and the client closely follows existing business processes.

It’s like dropping a supercharged electric engine into a vintage Chevy: the controls are familiar, but there’s a lot more power – and we improved the handling at the same time.

The Result

Accelerating towards 300,000,000 emails

Managing a database of 100 million customers, dealerships, prospects, and leads presents complexity and risk for the client’s 4 leading brands.

Together with our Adobe partners, TAP’s technical expertise enables the client to continue serving personalised promotions, operational communications, and recall/compliance notices.

But there are several significant upgrades:

  • Rigorous quality assurance
  • Improved reliability for 870+ annual campaigns
  • Shorter time to market for new promotions
  • More agility by removing technical barriers
  • Time-saving automations

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