De-stressing Data Axle’s migration to Adobe Campaign

TAP CXM worked with global consulting powerhouse Data Axle to facilitate the agency’s migration to Adobe Campaign Standard from a legacy campaign platform (but that’s far from the whole story).

The Project

  • Implementation - Training

Optimising the onboarding experience for Data Axle’s key accounts

Chantelle, Toby and Andrew played hybrid roles as subject matter experts, enablers and problem-solvers for everyone involved, officially dubbed ACS Technical Onboarders.

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The Result

Up and running right away

After only 6 months, more than two-thirds (around 70%) of Data Axle’s legacy clients were comfortable using Adobe Campaign Standard with some being entirely self-sufficient. And that “a-ha” moment when the team we’re training understands Adobe Campaign and gets excited about the system is second to none.

So what does it take to get from novice to champion in 6 months?

TAP’s subject matter expertise

Chantelle, Toby and Andrew are Adobe Experience Cloud experts in their own rights. But it’s their Adobe Campaign enablement and documentation skills that are in demand for Data Axle.

  • Smooth transition

System migrations can be tricky. TAP CXM and Data Axle collaborated closely to migrate users smoothly, strategically and without stress to the user.

  • Self-sufficiency

Adoption is only part of the puzzle. To be truly successful, we needed to train Data Axle’s clients to be independent in Adobe Campaign Standard.

  • Maximise the potential

…which meant helping them to understand what’s possible in the platform. Nothing gives the team greater satisfaction than seeing a client’s face light up at the potential of Adobe Campaign to revolutionise their marketing.

  • Development support

Along the way, we provided development support and bug fixes to ensure a smooth migration and easy adoption, keeping our focus on supporting Data Axle with embedded expertise and delivering value to each unique instance.

We embraced the challenges, enabled solutions and ultimately helped Data Axle’s clients realise value with Adobe Campaign Standard

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