Enhancing Cross-Selling and Upselling Strategies with CJA

13 Jun 2023

Turning Missed Opportunities into Revenue with Customer Journey Analytics

Let’s talk about a problem that many marketers encounter in the world of business: the challenge of cross-selling and upselling to customers effectively. It’s frustrating when you have great products and services to offer, but struggle to get customers to take advantage of them.

One of the hot topics discussed at Adobe Summit this year was Customer Journey Analytics to help mitigate this problem. In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why your strategies might be falling short, and how this powerful tool can assist.

Unlock the Power of Customer Journey Analytics with TAP CXM

So, why could your cross-selling and upselling strategies be failing?

There are a few reasons that come to mind. For starters, customers are increasingly sophisticated and discerning when it comes to their purchases. They expect a personalised experience that’s tailored to their individual needs and preferences. If a person has already purchased a product or service, they don’t want to be offered the same thing again. Instead, they want things that complement their previous purchase.

Plus, customers are bombarded with marketing messages on a daily basis. They’re inundated with ads, emails, and other forms of marketing, which can make it challenging for messages to stand out.

Forbes quotes people are exposed to 6,000 to 10,000 ads daily

Their journeys are also often fragmented across multiple touchpoints. People might interact with your brand on social media, visit your website, and then make a purchase in-store. Keeping track of all these touchpoints and understanding how they relate to one another can be a challenge. Without a clear view of the customer journey, it’s hard to know when and where to offer cross-sell or upsell opportunities.

And, you might already have an Analytics tool that helps you understand your customers’ behaviours, likes, and dislikes, but you need a stronger tool to dive deeper. It’s paramount to discover these fragmented journeys and reveal where your strategy is going wrong. Unfortunately, your regular analytics tool cannot go that extra mile.

The solution

This is where Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) comes in.

In a nutshell, CJA is a powerful tool that helps you understand and visualise the customer journey across multiple touchpoints. It pulls data from various sources, including your website, mobile app, social media channels, and most importantly the Adobe Experience Platform. This means you get a comprehensive and integrated view of your customer’s journey. With CJA, you can see how customers engage with your brand at every stage of the journey, from initial awareness to post-purchase experience. CJA’s ability to get data from Adobe Experience Platform is a game-changer, allowing you to gain insights into customer behaviour that were previously hidden.

Customer Journey Analytics helps you identify opportunities in real-time.

CJA’s real-time capabilities take personalised recommendations to a whole new level! By continually collecting and analysing customer data, you can quickly identify patterns and trends in their behaviour and preferences. This allows you to offer highly targeted and relevant recommendations that are tailored to each individual customer’s unique needs and interests.

Additionally, with its powerful recommendation engine, you can suggest complementary products or accessories that your customers are likely to be interested in based on their purchase history, browsing behaviour, and other relevant data points. This not only increases the likelihood of a successful cross-sell or upsell but also helps to enhance your customer’s overall experience with your brand.

Sales and marketing

The powerful tool also helps you optimise your marketing and sales efforts. It understands the customer journey in detail, so you can then identify areas where customers might be experiencing friction. For example, if you notice that people are abandoning their shopping carts on your website, you can investigate why this might be happening and make improvements to the checkout process. By removing barriers and streamlining the customer journey, you create a more seamless experience that’s more likely to lead to a successful cross-sell or upsell.

In addition to tracking basic metrics, CJA also offers advanced reporting capabilities. As we know, it leverages data from multiple sources and tracks customer interactions across channels, meaning you can better understand how different touchpoints impact customer behaviour. With access to this granular data, you can make informed decisions on how to drive better results.

Optimal results when used with Adobe Analytics

It gets even better when you combine Customer Journey Analytics with Adobe Analytics.

Adobe Analytics provides robust analytical capabilities that help you spot patterns in your customer data. But when used with CJA, your campaigns get a major boost. Your customers will feel like you really know them. You can use this information to optimise your marketing campaigns, improve your website’s user experience and report more effectively. Plus, with the ability to integrate data from other Adobe products like Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign, you can truly create a seamless, end-to-end view of your customer’s journey.

In conclusion

Cross-selling and upselling are critical components of any successful business strategy. However, the traditional approach of simply offering customers more products and services isn’t always effective.

In a world where personalised experiences are the new standard, understanding your customer’s journey is crucial. Without it, meeting their unique needs can feel like an uphill battle. Fortunately, Customer Journey Analytics provides a solution! With a multichannel view of your customer’s touchpoints, you’ll gain valuable insights into their behaviour. By analysing this data, you can identify areas where your marketing strategy can be optimised, ensuring that you provide the best experience possible.

Don't wait to start providing great customer experiences

To get started with CJA, you’ll need one of the Adobe Experience platform tools such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, or Adobe Campaign. Luckily, we at TAP CXM, are experts in Adobe’s powerful ecosystem. With our expertise and your commitment to a targeted, personalised approach, you can create strategies that are more likely to succeed, and ultimately drive growth for your business.

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