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As Adobe partners, we offer specialist Adobe Campaign training for businesses looking to explore the capabilities of this powerful marketing platform. We can help you integrate the platform into your existing operations, and we’ll give you all the tools and knowledge you need to be able to make the most of it.

We aren’t like the others.

We’re strong believers in the importance of training, particularly when it comes to all things Adobe Campaign. We’ll show you and your team how to confidently navigate Adobe Campaign, so you can put the platform to full use and optimise every interaction.

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Adobe Campaign is a cross-channel marketing solution. The platform automates email, mobile, social and offline campaigns, to provide market leaders with access to important insights into their customers’ preferences. These insights can then be used to optimise customer journeys through better personalisation and improved efficiency.

At TAP CXM, we work closely with our clients to support the use of Adobe Campaign and the Adobe Experience Cloud. Our team can provide in-depth training on how to use the platform, making it accessible to all businesses looking to make the most of their data.

We set up marketing capabilities to be operated by clients, rather than their agencies. We do this by becoming a key part of your team, assisting with everything from maintenance and reporting to the execution of multichannel campaigns. Once you feel confident enough to take over, you’ll be able to take the reins and continue exploring the enormous potential of Adobe Campaign.

We help clients get things done

Our experts offer support with the integration of Adobe services into existing business operations, taking the time to ensure users understand everything Adobe Campaign and the Adobe Experience Cloud can offer them. We know every business is unique so we provide a personalised training service for all clients.

Adobe Campaign Training: The Process

Adobe Campaign Training: The Process

Our comprehensive training programme aims to demonstrate the most effective ways of using Adobe Campaign.

We don’t just set up the software and leave you to it. Instead, we’ll provide ongoing support and training at any stage of your digital transformation journey.

Our training academy teaches you how to get the most out of the software, giving you the skills to optimise your use of Adobe Campaign.

How do our Adobe campaign training programmes work?

Stage 1: Assessment 

We begin by getting to know you and your business. Through a series of short assessment sessions, we analyse how you plan to use Adobe Campaign and how your existing systems work. We can then start to formulate a training programme that’ll work for your whole team.

Stage 2: Customisation 

Once the assessment stage is complete, we start customising your training schedule. We create a bespoke training programme with your specific goals in mind, incorporating a range of different training sessions to achieve your objectives.

Stage 3: Training 

Our training programme is then delivered to your team, at a location of your choosing. Highly engaging, interactive sessions are designed to inspire your team and get them thinking about how they can use Adobe Campaign.

TAP Training Academy

Our TAP Academy provides customisable training solutions for our customers, tailored to each business and their Adobe Campaign users’ specific requirements. The TAP Academy, which also offers Adobe Experience Cloud training, includes official certifications and other further qualifications that will allow trainees to expand their knowledge and enhance their careers.

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TAP Academy also runs regular webinar sessions and offers standardised training packages to ensure businesses are trained to understand, use and get the most out of the technology they have in place.

TAP CXM’s monthly Adobe Campaign training and support webinar, Doctor Dirk – The Adobe Campaign Surgery, is quickly becoming the go-to place for Adobe experts looking to share thoughts, questions and ideas.

TAP Academy is also used to provide an exceptional level of training to our newest recruits, fast-tracking them to success. We are lucky enough to have many of the brightest and most experienced experts within the industry at TAP CXM, many of whom mentor our newest recruits and provide training to customers.

The Benefits of Adobe Campaign Training

Adobe Campaign is an important marketing tool, which can make a real difference to all kinds of businesses. And with our training the platform really comes to life. We show brands how to use Adobe Campaign to improve communication with customers and facilitate stronger, longer-lasting relationships between them.

We believe every user should be able to use the platform efficiently, to maximise campaign results. So we help clients automate marketing campaigns, organise customer data and simplify campaign management. This results in optimised experiences across all marketing channels. Ultimately, we aim to leave businesses with the knowledge and skills to consistently achieve brilliant results.

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