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Adobe Campaign Marketing Automation

Adobe Campaign Marketing Automation is a powerful marketing automation tool that simplifies the coordination of optimised marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

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When converting from manual campaign management in favour of an automated system, brands often undertake multiple automation campaigns with different setups, delivered to audiences through different channels – the result of which is customers experiencing conflicting and irrelevant campaign messages.

Now more than ever, customers expect tailored and consistent marketing experiences across all platforms – a feat that is difficult to achieve with individual, manual campaign orchestration. The solution for this is unified marketing automation system: Adobe Campaign.

Adobe Campaign allows for full campaign marketing automation through a single platform. It’s a solution which increases the visibility and personalisation of customer journeys, enabling you to stay on top of your customer base’s needs and facilitate longer lasting relationships with them.

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Adobe Campaign supports the creation of efficient marketing campaigns, empowering users to create seamless customer journeys without having to manually manage each stage. Adobe marketing automation features are designed to simplify campaign execution, enabling users to cut out time wasting, labour intensive processes and increase the speed of delivery to market. The benefits of Adobe marketing automation are as follows:

Adobe Campaign Marketing Automation and TAP CXM

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As an Adobe Campaign partner, we here at TAP CXM can use our expertise to seamlessly introduce the  Adobe Campaign Marketing Automation into your business. Our team can ensure the most effective integration of the marketing automation solutions offered by Adobe Campaign in order to face the challenges of campaign marketing and streamline overall campaign delivery.

TAP CXM are committed to implementing bespoke Adobe marketing solutions for our clients, fully tailoring the implementation of services from the Adobe Experience Cloud to match your exact requirements.

We offer personalised Adobe marketing automation and training for new users, as well as aiding in the complete delivery of the platform – from initial database design through to campaign development. We can help our clients to improve the delivery of optimised marketing campaigns, leaving them with the most effective solutions in place to maximise results.

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