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Adobe Campaign Integration

As Adobe partners, TAP CXM offers specialist Adobe Campaign Integration for businesses who wish to introduce the platform into their existing operations. No two businesses are run in the same way. This is why we offer a tailored approach to integration, ensuring every organisation we work with can make the most out of the technology in place.

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Adobe Campaign is a first-class marketing solution with the ability to automate cross-channel marketing efforts. By enabling the automation of email, mobile, social and off-line campaigns, the platform provides market leaders with the opportunity to gain unique insights into their customers so they can better personalise and manage customer journeys.

Our team of experts are on hand to offer custom-built integration solutions. With an extensive knowledge of the Adobe Marketing Cloud and other products within the Adobe Experience Cloud, we are here to facilitate the implementation of first-rate Adobe Services alongside your existing marketing technologies. We are here to ensure Adobe Campaign and all of its key features are seamlessly introduced into your business, resulting in a fully optimised experience at every stage of the customer journey.

The Benefits of Adobe Campaign Integration with TAP CXM

We understand that businesses have a set of core operations that cannot simply be disrupted or replaced. This is why we are dedicated to carrying out the most effective integration of Adobe Campaign across your existing marketing functions.

  • Tailored Solutions to Maximise your Marketing Capabilities

    Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer tailored recommendations depending on the marketing solutions already in place. Through our integration process, our Adobe Campaign experts will assist with full custom campaign development to optimise the delivery of engaging marketing experiences. We want to enhance each business’ marketing capabilities by providing the best solutions for them, enabling the achievement of consistently great results.

  • Ongoing Support to Fully Optimise your User Experiences.

    We don’t just set up the software and leave you to it. Instead, we’ll provide ongoing Adobe Campaign support and training at every key stage of your digital transformation. Our team will help you develop a whole CRM programme to find, win, keep and grow your customer base by turning insight into something meaningful. With our continued support, businesses can develop the ability to provide a first-class user experience at every single touchpoint.

  • Seamless Integration to Unify the Customer Journey.

    We take care of all aspects of the integration, so you can focus on seeing results. We will develop, implement and execute bespoke Adobe Campaign solutions that fit seamlessly alongside all of your existing marketing tools – facilitating the creation of a consistently brilliant customer experience. With the power to automate campaigns, gain insights and personalise experiences across every channel, businesses will ultimately benefit from a fully optimised and completely unified customer journey.

Adobe Campaign Integration

TAP CXM are your Adobe Integration Experts

As Adobe partners, TAP CXM are experts in all things related to Adobe Campaign integration. We are here to help clients enhance their marketing capabilities and produce highly engaging experiences across all of their channels.


We believe every business should be able to benefit from Adobe Campaign, regardless of the marketing tools already in place. Our team is dedicated to carrying out completely effective integrations of Adobe services for all of our clients across a range of sectors, with absolute minimal disruptions to their workflows. With our bespoke Adobe Campaign training, expert advice and ongoing support, we can help clients to leverage the platform and all of its best-in-class solutions – ensuring they can deliver exceptional campaigns and achieve the best possible results again and again.

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