TAP CXM opens Centre of Excellence in Barcelona

20 Nov 2023

Opening an office on the continent has been on the cards for some time, to enable us to respond to growing customer demands with more speed and agility. We’re excited to share that we’re now operating from Barcelona having opened a nearshore Centre of Excellence on the beachfront of Barceloneta. 

 As of 20th November, we have a small team of multi-lingual, highly skilled technical and digital transformation consultants to complement existing local teams across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. In addition, they can offer end-to-end capability to new clients using Adobe, Braze, Salesforce, and Zeta technologies. 

Barcelona has seen rapid growth of its tech scene over the last decade with the early adoption of smart-city technologies helping to make it a centre for the young IoT (Internet of Things) industry. Its highly skilled workforce and thriving digital ecosystem make it an ideal place for us to put down roots and enhance the great services and support we already offer to clients. 

The CoE initiative is part of our planned and sustainable growth strategy and follows our expansion into the USA and Asia Pacific over the past 18 months. Having a team in Barcelona enables us to better support our clients, build on our technology partner relationships, and hire from an increasingly talented pool of technical and digital professionals. 

The Centre of Excellence is located in Norrksen House – a non-profit impact ecosystem bringing together entrepreneurs and technology experts with the aim of catalysing business as a force for good. As a minimal impact business with, historically, a very small carbon footprint we’re excited to be part of this community and learning to grow in a way that continues to serve people and planet. We’re also hopeful that we can support the sustainable businesses of the Norrsken network by amplifying their brand purpose through great customer experiences. 

Watch this space! 

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