Rafi Mohammed

Technical Consultant

Rafi’s tech skills are top-notch, thanks to his computer science degree from the University of Warwick. He excels at using Adobe Campaign to transform data, ingest APIs, and find JavaScript solutions for our clients. With a strong understanding of various programming languages and ETL tools, Rafi is a true wizard when it comes to marketing automation.

But Rafi isn’t all work and no play. When he’s not busy solving tech challenges, he can be found competing in powerlifting competitions and working on his impressive strength and endurance. Whether he’s working on complex technical projects or hitting the gym, Rafi always brings his A-game and is dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

“I really enjoy working at TAP because my colleagues are supportive and encourage me to take on tasks and responsibilities. I feel comfortable seeking help if I need it, and I appreciate the sense of accountability that comes with my work.”